The Business

Workforce Patrol Monitoring is a tailored & flexible hardware, a software solution designed for tracking & monitoring security personals, employees while they are out patrolling. The system uses the latest state-of-the-art technologies comprising RFID/Touch readers, Mobile app, NFC, QR Codes & GPS. With cloud-based software having a scalable feature, this patrol monitoring system characterizes tracking & monitoring innovatively.

The Challenges

The system characterizes a unique setup. As a Tag gets scanned through the application, the latitude & longitude of the geographical location get reviewed with it. A record gets posted in BWAC through this scanning. The service keeps on running at the backend.

  • The background worker keeps on running to generate a favourable result & finally producing it for the management.
  • The data works continuously gets updated every single minute.
  • To fetch the raw information & show actual-time facts & figures, the system keeps running in tandem.
  • For us, it was a challenge to upload such huge data and keeping the system seamless.
  • The client demanded we fetch him real-time data. Through the tracking system, one should track the exact positioning and movement of the security personal.
  • To implement this entire application was a bit tough, but our team had done an extensive R&D on it & came up with some potential solutions.
  • SMS can be generated through the system, but if needed, one can create the report at any given time without any hassle.

The Solutions

To make the application work, web & mobile app both need to function simultaneously. The web application for management & the mobile application is for the security personals to log in. The web application is termed BWAC & the mobile app is termed as RCheck In.

What we did at the initial stages

We were responsible for creating employee management, scheduling, attendance, tracking, and making the report at the initial stages.

With time we were liable to embed a lot of features that are as follows.

  • Patrol system types
  • GPS tracking
  • Incident reporting
  • Client Portal
  • Event Monitor
  • Email Notification
  • Permission & Rights
  • Scalable
  • Cloud-based
  • Branches
  • Phone Alerts
  • Flexible Reports
  • Patrol Scheduling
  • Mobile App
  • Simple Time & Attendance


As a team we made use of tools and technological Knowhow that assured that the platform is running smoothly. We made use of storage units like Github that helped us in storing all data and backup. The cloud setup was done in a profound manner to keep the system up & running. As a team we were successful to deliver proven result & ensured every application made by us are working in tandem.

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