Cost-Effective & Engaging Pay Per Click Service

Our PPC services offer cost-effective approaches that help you earn a high spot on the search engine results. We have dedicated paid specialists providing unmatched services for helping you receive high returns on investment through data-driven decisions.

Targeted Campaigns

Amidst the varied online ad campaign formats, the most flexible & scalable option you can avail of is PPC.

ECommerce Product Listing Ads

Selling your product through the Google network is an excellent beneficiary idea. Our team helps you optimize your product by selling it flawlessly.

Remarketing & Retargeting

Our professional PPC experts understand customers overall value. Adopting the remarketing & retargeting strategy, we help you reach out to our potential customers & achieve result-driven performance.

PPC evaluation

Through our PPC evaluation, we evaluate your current PPC campaigns & measure their reach. We also offer you ready-to-implement actionable recommendations.

PPC Landing Page Creation

We deliver effective & exclusive landing pages to churn up more leads & demand them through PPC campaigns.

Campaign Report Management

Our service includes a detailed campaign report management service. Comprehensive examining of current market & roping in latest policies is our plan.


PPC bid management is the critical practice of strategically increasing or decreasing keywords bids to make the most of Google ad budget. It is to be noted that PPC bid determines how much one has to pay each time & ad is clicked. It impacts where the ad will appear in the respective search results. It depends on the bidding model you pick.

It depends on the bidding model you pick. CPC or cost per click is the maximum bid you can pay for each keyword. Every time a web visitor clicks on the ad & based on that particular keyword, you can pay that amount. CPM or Cost per Mile is the cost per thousand impressions & you need to pay for every thousand individuals. Here you do not pay for clicks but pay once your ad appears in the search results. CPA is how much you are paying per conversion.

We follow a result-driven approach to make the most of your investment. We conduct complete keyword research & competitors for your specific business niche that determines a bidding model. We can write catchy copies to grab the attention of your target audience & create a PPC landing page if required. You can track the efficiency of the marketing efforts. We also offer our clients progress reports allowing you to determine the success of your campaign.

The most popular place to run PPC ads are the search results page in Google & Bing & in social channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. However, you will not have to focus on a single platform at once. The focus of the marketing effort should ideally be on the valued channels for your business.

Yes, if the ads are compelling enough, people are sure to click on PPC ads. The advertisements that appear in the search results receive more than 45% of the page clicks. Even the better individuals clicking on the ads have a great potential to purchase a product or service. So with PPC ads, you can reach out to individuals who are looking to buy. It creates an immediate impact on the overall sales funnel.

PPC cost depends on numerous factors, including the competition for the keywords you are targeting, the bidding model you choose & the overall quality.

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