Our Values Allow Us to Work
in a Diligent Manner

Our Core Values evolved with us as our company grew from strength to strength & we have successfully learned a lot from our experience. They epitomize what we achieve & reflect in the actions & behavioural approach of the associates, right from hiring practices to how the work process should expand to resolving opinions of differences. The culture defines the spirit we have successfully created at SentientGeeks.


Great Learning

It was said by a wise man a long time ago if you are not learning every day; you were dead a long ago. In this generation of rapid evolution, learning & unlearning are critical to our existence & we keep on working to adapt & change our perspective. We are never wise, never excellent & never done. We are not at all afraid to commit mistakes or admit them. We are also never shy to learn from our subordinates. We believe in creating a team that works to achieve substantial results.


Take Ownership

In the contemporary landscape; it is not about what you know, but how you know & how you learn. We believe if you stand firm & you get left behind, we work as a team to pull you up. We evolve by adapting to changing situations. Our onus is to take ownership of our actions & drive in positive results. We are always looking after that extra edge of positivity that can prove to be the game-changer.


Do it Right

Doing what is appropriate is the fundamental philosophy. We do not believe in shortcuts to get the job done in pursuit of cutting-edge innovation. We simplify the process to fulfil our duties in the best possible way. Being creative right at the start is a great idea, but we try & encourage ourselves to keep up with the creative ambiance. It requires a strong understanding of making the right call at the right time.


Dare To Dream

We try & learn new things. We innovate, test & learn from our failures. We keep an open mind to drive in positive possibilities & the latest ideas. If you are trying to be appealing & out of the box & are like no one else, the path is dream king-size & chases it till you achieve it. That is how you inspire all. Our work ambiance lets you work on your respective goals. We help you bring out something unique & remarkable.


Why so Serious?

Take your job seriously & not yourself. Life is too short to miss the ultimate fun of living it. Only the carom boards & the games room is not enough to create a lively ambiance at your workplace. The real fun is when you & your team face challenges & overcome them, sharing high five for success. You live every moment of that success & enjoy as a team.

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