About the Business

The client is from Canada & they are exclusively in construction. This is a 360 degree construction company offering end-to-end solution for clients right from scratch. Be it a residential sector or commercial sector, they are ready to do it all. They even capture 3D views before walls & ceilings are closed & capture thermo graphic images. They help to reduce repairing work & increase quality control.

Challenges Faced

There were a lot of integration to be done in the backend & we had to seek help from our data team to get all key data updated & a number of tenants could up data in the back end. At the same time we had a strict dead line & thereby our developers worked hard to get things done on time in a seamless manner.


When the project first came to us, our research & development team took up the on us of doing walk through of the project. The client had a lot of suggestions & we too told the client about the integration to be executed to create a seamless backend. The website was done in WordPress for the front end & ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC for a robust backend.


Our team was successful in integrating whatever, the client wanted & we ensured that the website runs in a seamless manner. Currently the website is up & running with no major issues.

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Technology Stack - ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC