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GM Cabs PTY. LTD is located in Mascot, New South Wales; Australia is part of the Taxi & Limousine service industry. The company is in the rental business for the past couple of decades & have successfully catered Taxi rental service in a flawless manner.

They are associated with companies like Rydo & there vehicles are hired by Rydo & other companies. The app was basically made for drivers so that they do not miss out on any bookings. The booking hits the terminal first & then it redirects in the app for the drivers.

Challenges Faced

  • Our team had extensive knowledge in establishing expertise car rental applications in the past, but this was something challenging & innovative for us.
  • In the past we have worked with React & Flutter while creating applications for car rental services, but our client wanted the application to be done with Xamarin.
  • Our research team did a lot of findings & finally we were able to deliver a seamless interface with easy navigation.


We offered the client an integrated advanced booking system & the app has features of SMS. The client agreed to our solution & we were successful at executing the task in a seamless manner. We wanted to make the interface flawless so that it becomes easy for navigation.


We ensured all the aforementioned features are added

  • Xamarin notification
  • Camera Features
  • Google Cloud API
  • Scanning Process Made Smoother
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